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Seek God First!

Have you ever found yourself going through a certain situation, or just life wondering why I am stressed about “xyz”? Well what about focusing so hard on a situation or circumstance that you are completely missing God’s message for you or His will for your situation, or better yet, losing track about what you wouldContinue reading “Seek God First!”

Only He Can Fill The Void

Psalm 107:9 – “For he¬†satisfies the longing soul, and the hungry soul he fills with good things”. The title of this post was whispered into my ear randomnly so I figured it would be a good one. Do you go through life always on the never ending search for satisfaction? Do you achieve what youContinue reading “Only He Can Fill The Void”

Everything has a reason!

Is it fair that temptation is always stirring around the corner? Why in the world are we always having to deal with Satan’s temptation if we are saved? That is the question I always lean toward asking God myself! I find myself saying, God, I love you with everything that I am. Why is itContinue reading “Everything has a reason!”