Prayer List

Here is where the loved ones of those who need prayer… Serious prayer and outreach to God. They have reached out to all of us in order to keep a prayer chain alive to entreat God to bless their family. The purpose of this is for all of us who visit this site to pray for those on this list. United we stand! If we as brothers and sisters and children of God all reach out together in prayer for all of those in need, how can God not be pleased? Especially during these trying times, God is trying to get our attention. He wants us to need Him on a daily basis. So if we all reach out to Him for those that are in need, we will all be doing God’s work. Let’s stand united, let’s rebuke the Devil and give all the Glory to God! To get the name/names of a loved one on the list, please do so here

Name and Reason (If comfortable giving the reason) updated 4/7/23

  1. Alicia De Paulis
  2. Al Thomas
  3. Byron Nelson
  4. Stargena Huntsberry
  5. Polina Dudko (Neuroblastoma)
  6. Robert White Jr.
  7. Robert White Sr.
  8. Khristopher Lewis Hawthorne
  9. Family of Mario Gomez (COVID-19 victim)
  10. Family of Matea
  11. Taylor De Paulis
  12. Ravien Lawson-Cooper (Car accident)
  13. Rikvah

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