Never Leave Home Without Him!

Do you remember to start your day with the Lord? Have you ever taken a step back to realize you are having a tough day? Was your mood not been quite right from the moment you woke up? How about were you sad and just couldn’t figure it out? With all these questions in mind,Continue reading “Never Leave Home Without Him!”

Are we really that clever?

Have you ever thought that you can ever just get away with something without anyone knowing? If you have, think again! Have you had a moment in your life when you knew what you are doing was wrong, but just knew that nobody would know because you were going to keep what you did aContinue reading “Are we really that clever?”

God has the plan!

Have you had a mixed bag of emotions about an event? Perhaps a failing relationship/marriage that you are trying to workout? What about job struggles? Well you know what? God has the plan! I can say personally that I have had to deal with all these struggles above throughout my life. Each time in theContinue reading “God has the plan!”

It Doesn’t Matter

Are you someone that has committed sins that are so unbearable to think about that you feel God just will not forgive you? Praying and meditating on God’s word and being blessed to have alone and quiet time with Him, I asked for a topic to focus on that would glorify His name. After trustingContinue reading “It Doesn’t Matter”

Not Alone

In a world of such turmoil and chaos, it is hard during times of despair to think that we are not alone. Have you ever felt feelings of depression? What about feelings of anger? What about anxiety, or fear, or worry? What about happiness? I can tell you that I felt ALL of those thingsContinue reading “Not Alone”

Let go and let God!

The thing most challenging in life today in times of distress is letting go of stress over circumstances and believing that God has a plan for it. Who does God say I am? I can recall on multiple occasions where circumstances have come to the point that I feel like throwing my hands in theContinue reading “Let go and let God!”

Trusting God

Do you find yourself in a constant battle whether to trust what you see in front of you or what God has planned? Do you ever ask “why God why”? This is a question that I ask myself all the time. Reading and meditating today, I came across some stuff I wanted to discuss today.Continue reading “Trusting God”

Getting started with what was revealed

One thing I always enjoy sharing as a way of acknowledging God as the most high is by saying that God will reveal to me what I am ready to see. A disclaimer…. This website is NOT intended to replace the message that any spiritual leader or any message a church delivers that God givesContinue reading “Getting started with what was revealed”