I Am He

John 18:6 – “When Jesus said to them, “I am he,” they drew back and fell to the ground”. (Source)

As a person today, we at times are put into places where we have to do some really tough things in life. For Jesus, this was something that was tough… To say that He was the person being looked for. The thing is, unlike us in tough situations, Jesus knew what was to happen before anything actually unfolded. We are in fear of the unknown as things come up. Can you imagine the burden that Christ had when He KNEW what was to occur? He was the word made flesh. The sacrifice that God made for US to gain eternal life. Today is the day that Christ gave Himself up to be crucified as God’s sacrifice for us!

As I sit here typing this to you, I prayed and asked God what He wanted to to write about in this entry. I didn’t hear words, but I saw something…. A vision if you will. Like always, the message was to glorify Him. That is what we all must do. Glorify Him. We exist for him (1 Corinthians 8:6).

I have been on quite a journey as of late. Leading into today, my journey has been revealing its purpose. The purpose is simple. No matter what is in front of us, no matter how tragic, or difficult, or confusing… Live for God and trust God. Plain and simple. There truly is a reason for everything that God allows. There is a reason why some people are blessed with fortunes and big lives… There is a reason why people are allowed to go through rough waters and not understand why… There is a reason why many people are removed from our lives… It is all for a reason that God has. It is truly a divine purpose to it all. It is up to each and every one of us to submit to the Father and lean on Christ for direction. God wants ALL of us to find Him and with our own choice.. Give ourselves to Him and no matter what… Trust Him.

My brothers and sisters, over the next couple of days, which will lead into His resurrection, I call on each of you to reflect what Christ’s choice in the Garden of Gethsemane means to you.

Until next time my brothers and sisters in Christ, God bless!

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Published by faithlimitless

God Is Love! God is infinite. God is beautiful. This website is solely dedicated to God and the beauty He can bring to all his children. Through Him, I am healed. Through His vision... All Praise, Glory and Honor is given to Him from this website.

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