We Exist For Him!

1 Corinthians 8:6 – “yet for us there is one God, the Father, from whom are all things and for whom we exist, and one Lord, Jesus Christ, through whom are all things and through whom we exist”.

This is the things most often and easily forgotten, even by some of us that are saved! We exist for God. That is why there is darkness in our hearts where God does not exist. That is why you get all of these folks that are beloved by the masses who are the most unhappy of people around. How is it some people that are the poorest are so happy? I can say with certainty that it isn’t because they love being poor and unable to have stuff they would like. If I was a betting man, I would say that is because they know God.. That they have accepted Jesus into their heart and Jesus rules their heart. More often than not, we hear in the news about rich people committing the worst crimes imaginable. Then you hear some of them say that no matter how much money I have, I am just not happy! Then you can ask those same people why they aren’t happy and they will most likely tell you the same thing…. I don’t have God in my life!

The point I am trying to make with the previous paragraph and if I may, the title and scripture of this post, is that without God we are nothing. We exist to be like the Father. We can have billions and billions of dollars, expensive cars and homes, all the up to date physical items that are appealing to the world, however, those are just relics and cannot replace true and unmatched joy that we can experience with God in our hearts. Jesus was a perfect tangible example of how we should be like the Father. It is stated we should strive to be like Jesus. I agree with this statement. This is because if we are leading a life like Jesus, then we are acting like the Father.

Ask any prisoner, past or present, if they were rich with the word of God or if they allowed Jesus to rule their hearts and minds at the time of their crime. I bet not a single one of them will say yes.

Genesis 1:3 – “And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light”.

God can only create what He is. He is light. He is also love. God did not create darkness. The hole in the hearts of people, or the void in the hearts of people… Are an absence of God. God didn’t create depression. Depression is created when there is an absence of God. I am not saying that depression CAN’T happen. However, we CAN get through it with God.

I will tell you that there was a time of my life that I didn’t have God at the forefront of my life. It was a dark time for me. I was living deep in sin. I wasn’t praying, I wasn’t taking care of myself, I wasn’t really respecting people as I should. That reminds me of who I should not be. WIth God in my life, I see people a lot differently than I did when I was in that place without God. I feel so much more complete. One thing is certain… I do NOT apologize for my love of God, nor am I ashamed of it. I exist for God and God alone. Whatever He requires of me in order to advance His kingdom, is what I need to do.

We have so many brothers and sisters in the world that are left fatherless. Well, from an Earthly perspective, that is true. However, in the big picture, that isn’t true. Our Father in Heaven NEVER leaves us. We can always count on Him loving us and never abandoning us. We only experience the level of joy that we experience based on the devotion and submission that we give Him. He is a gentleman and will never EVER force us to do His will. He loves us and wants us to serve Him. However, He respects that it must be OUR decision.

Therefore, we have a decision to make.. Do we trust God? The answer is easy… YES! We can have more riches than imaginable with Him in our corner. As long as we know that we exist for Him. We must love others and focus on peace! We must strive to be like Him!

Until next time my brothers and sisters in Christ, God Bless!

Published by faithlimitless

God Is Love! God is infinite. God is beautiful. This website is solely dedicated to God and the beauty He can bring to all his children. Through Him, I am healed. Through His vision... All Praise, Glory and Honor is given to Him from this website.

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