It Doesn’t Matter

Are you someone that has committed sins that are so unbearable to think about that you feel God just will not forgive you?

Praying and meditating on God’s word and being blessed to have alone and quiet time with Him, I asked for a topic to focus on that would glorify His name. After trusting I would receive something great to share to bring good news, this topic was revealed to me.

The truth is, God is a loving God. He is slow to anger, He is ALWAYS ready to forgive. We just have to be willing and able to ask Him for forgiveness. We also must repent. There are also times that sin involves someone else that wronged us. Granted, Jesus stated that we must forgive our neighbors. If we cant forgive them, how can we expect for God to forgive us?

Mark 3:28-29: “Truly, I say to you, all sins will be forgiven the children of man, and whatever blasphemies they utter, but whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit never has forgiveness, but is guilty of an eternal sin”.

In truth, this is really the one sin that is absolutely unforgiveable. That is blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. I can tell you from a personal perspective… This terrifies me. I could not even imagine doing this. Just for clarification, Jesus makes this VERY clear in the passage above.

For those that have been born again, I can’t imagine will have issues with this. God loves us and during times of duress, we will be carried through to the other side. We may have to feel the pain a little bit in the interest of growth, but God never leaves us. It took me a long time to truly understand that concept.

God loved us before we were even born. He loved us as an egg inside the Mother he gave us to. He loved us as our cells began to form, He loved ALL of us… He is excited that we gave our lives over to Him. Now we get to proclaim His name to all of those around us. I can say that I am so grateful the Lord forgave me for my sins. I can recall hearing a whisper in my ear saying “Go sin no more“.

It is truly an honor and privilege to be a child of God that has a platform to glorify His name to all that can be reached.

In closing, just know that no matter how big or small our sin is, God is ready and waiting for us to come to Him. He is a perfect gentleman. He exists outside of time so He is patient. He will cry when we cry, laugh when we laugh… Have faith my friends, and trust in our God. Our Lord Jesus Christ will never lead us astray. Until next time my friends, God Bless.

Published by faithlimitless

God Is Love! God is infinite. God is beautiful. This website is solely dedicated to God and the beauty He can bring to all his children. Through Him, I am healed. Through His vision... All Praise, Glory and Honor is given to Him from this website.

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